Week 2 ’18

Friday night. It is almost 11PM, and I am ready for bed. I had a great week both at work and home. Off to the movies last Saturday to see Star Wars, Sunday a visit to Cynthia & Valerie, and this week I focused and completed tasks off my AR’s list!

Intel is honoring MLK and the US has Monday off. Although we just went through Christmas and New Years, I am so looking forward to another three day weekend.

Thanks to Cladwell, these are the outfits selected for me…

Saturday, January 6


The Bay Area saw some rain this past week so it seemed only right for Cladwell to add in rain boots. This is what I wore to see Star Wars. I loved the idea on the right but the colors I had in my closet were too faded and offered no punch or interest. However, I was comfy at the movies and the boots were easy to walk around in, actually fun.

Monday, January 8


Again with the color tones. It may be time I had a color analysis done because that may be the root cause of my issues! I love the sweater, but I do not like it with these jeans and black booties.

Tuesday, January 9


This was a stretch because I do not have a black background printed blouse. However, I have a similar blouse in brown. Loving these colors. Because I did not feel like wearing my “Tight Pants” boots (shown in the suggestion), I wanted some height and picked my Lucky brand HUE-Ls. The sweater is not that flattering opened because I am busty, so I decided to pin it. Off to work I went.

Wednesday, January 10


HAHAHAAHA. It makes me laugh to think “I can wear that!” I did not like the idea of wearing Keds to work, but I did it because I paid Cladwell $40 to pick outfits for me. I took the jacket off once I was in the office. I would actually wear this outfit again. You can call these pants, Intel Blue!

Thursday, January 11


I made a slight swap with the blazer. I wore the shown blazer last week and did not want to repeat so soon. Looking back, I probably should have stuck to the plan. The striped T-shirt was popular; one girl wore a similar T the day before and another girl wore hers the same day. Is it Friday yet?

Friday, January 12


The purple sweater I am wearing looks more blue in the photo. My sweater was also too thick to wear with a blazer. Since I wore jeans all week, I swapped out the black jeans for my Paige jeggins. This was a great Friday wear.


Week 1 ’18

Happy New Year Judith! Aside from being sick over the holiday, I use my lookbook apps this week thinking it would help inspire me to venture out of dullism.

Of course, I ended up playing it safe and stuck to the same old same old. GAG. I used the excuse of being sick and everybody is OOO (out of office) through Friday to deflect my lack of commitment to the applications I purchased (Cladwell & Stylebook) a  week before.

These are the looks I came up with for Week 1 2018:

Wednesday, January 3rd


I wanted to wear complementary colors, so I paired a dark olive green sweater with a pink blouse. However, I copied Cladwell’s look with a similar brown tweed blazer and Gucci loafers (3″). Can I get a shout-out… INSPIRATION is beginning.

Thursday, January 4th

6994E3E0-2872-4CE5-AA1F-6AF7E727127F 2

Thrifted these awesome Kenneth Cole hot pink loafers at Goodwill! I was dying to wear them, and I just so happened to have a blue floral printed blouse that incorporated the same red tones as the pants and shoes! This is me and I LOVED wearing this outfit… CONTINUATION

Friday, January 5th


I wanted to mix up patterns and prints, but also felt the need to play it safe. How much safer can black and red be? I paired up a black/white polka dot blouse and red/black striped top with black cords and mules. The outfit was ok (I cannot capitalize the O). I was not too thrilled about this outfit, more so after seeing this photo. The pieces looked better left on the hanger!

I am actually looking forward to next week.

Love, Jennifer



A New Year A New Tool

IMG_8096I recently purchased a couple lookbook applications; Stylebook and Cladwell. Stylebook creates lookbook’s from your closet and cost ~$3.00. Cladwell creates lookbook’s from “like items” selected from their closet and cost ~$40/yr.

Problem Statement: I have a difficult time being creative when it comes to putting outfits together. I believe the selections I make end up looking dull, are boring, and do not bring out my personality. The idea of purchasing a lookbook tool seemed appealing and necessary, so I jumped on it.

Stylebook: I spent Christmas Eve and Day setting up my Stylebook closet; taking photos of all my tops, skirts, pants, dresses, shoes, and blazers. I spent hours organizing the photos into categories, editing the photos, and tagging colors to each item. The overall setup took two full days.

Stylebook does as expected. The application returns around 9 lookbook ideas based on the categories selected (e.g. Pants, Shoes, Tops). Cons; the software was not designed to know the color wheel and creates outfits based on what was selected regardless if the clothing’s item color schemes complements each other or not (see above photo).


Cladwell’s closet setup process consists of selecting items, from their closet, that mirror or match the clothes in your closet. I was surprised that some of the selection options were copy exact to what I had in my closet. Most of the clothing choices were similar and only a quick edit change to color was needed.

The lookbook ideas are fresh. Out of 198 items selected, Cladwell returned 689k looks to choose from.

Another thing I like about this application is the  “Show Look” option. The user can pick one item from the closet and by selecting “Show Look,” Cladwell will return a number of outfit suggestions to wear with that item (Stylebook cannot make outfits this way).

The downside to Show Look, was all the outfits included the same t-shirt. For example. I selected my Gucci Loafers. Show Look returned over at least 50 different outfits with the same blue T-shirt but sprinkling in different jeans and blazers. I was looking for a broader range given I have 698k outfit options. I mean, I could have come up with that look myself. The Show Look experience became so frustrating (seeing that T-shirt) that I removed the t-shirt from my closet hoping that the application would not be able to use it… damn tool selected a different color T-shirt! I wrote the company about this issue but have not heard back.

Last two features. Cladwell knows your location and will pull together daily outfits based on the weather!! Lastly, there is a capsule option for those who are interested in wardrobe capsules.