Week 7 ’18

Week 7 lead into a three day weekend… thank you, Presidents! Having that extra day off from work is really nice and something I look forward too.

Paid a visit to Sur La Tab and attended their cooking class; Dutch Oven. Loved the chef who taught the class, her personality was all Duarte and had me laughing because she was so sarcastic.

Monday was the SAVER’ents Day celebration, which had Geoff and I driving up to the Vacaville location where we had a chance to meet-up with Best Friend Matt. Drove back home and stopped at the Danville store and picked up a couple black belts. That location was crowded and a lot of stuff cleared out. Last year we managed to hit three stores. That was fun because we kept running into the same people who were also SAVERS hopping!

(ignore the 1st outfit that I wore the Saturday before, I got mixed up when cropping photos)

Not too thrilled with this weeks choices. It seems off and boring. However, I do my Valentines Day outfit. Erin (daughter) made a comment on Instagram asking if I purchased the top from the Cheshire Cat!




Week 6 ’18

What an amazing week. I cannot believe it is already February. It has been nice getting out of the house. Last weekend was Super Bowl and this weekend was cards; so much fun. I had a great dinner at Pedro’s with good friends, and the office was so quiet… a lot of our team is in South Korea at the Olympics!

I planned a trip out to Folsom to see my parents but the 2hr drive I expected turned into a 5hr drive. Given that I was only in Fairfield with two hours of a drive left, I decided to cancel my trip and head back home. Hopefully I will be able to make it back up to see my folks soon.

Monday, February 5

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I like this top. It is supposed to tie in the front but I decided to tuck it in.

Tuesday, February 6

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Cladwell outfit selection…boring.

Wednesday, February 7

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I did not like this outfit. The painted pants are not flattering and way too tight.

Thursday, February 8

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These are my favorite jeans. These are my go-to jeans, more than the True Religions I thought were the bomb.

Saturday, February 10

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Week 5 ’18

January is over and done. The Bay Are has started the month of February with amazingly warm weather, while inside the office the temperature is 30 below zero.

Cladwell. I admit that refer to the app before I get ready for bed.  I use the look ahead one day option when the current options do not get my heart pumping. The choices Cladwell offers are… blaaaahhh.  There is something about the selections that I do not “feel” like wearing.

Another ideas I had was to refer back to my saved Pinterest pins. That provided a couple options. Why is it so hard shopping from my closet?

This is what I wore week 5:

Saturday, January 27


I have been enjoying my new Adidas. I purchased these from DSW during a sale promotion. DSW was out of the black and gold but after digging, I found the silver. Very comfortable shoe.

Monday, January 29


Intel had an amazing 4th quarter and with my year-end bonus, I decided to treat myself to a Gucci belt. The pants are peach cargos. I like the pants but they stretch out a lot… which is why I wore the belt.

Tuesday, January 31

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I see a lot of lookbooks that match up animal printed blouses with all sorts of sweaters and that was my inspiration for Wednesday.

Thursday, February 1


Repeating another lookbook that swapped out an animal printed blouse for checked. The gray t-shirt is long enough to wear over leggings and was not the best choice to pair with jeans, however, I liked the top with the blouse.

Friday, February 2


I do not know what I was thinking. Maybe that I wanted to wear these pink loafers, or if I could get away with wearing a bright color with camouflage. For your information, I watched a YouTube video with instructions on how to tuck in a blouse, shirt, and sweater. What did I do??? I ended up fixing the tuck around 3PM.


Week 4 ’18

Week 4 proved to be a great week. (in order of what happened)

  1. Saw Jumanji (Men on Film… LOVED IT)
  2. Went to Martin Ranch Winery. Tasted the wine club selections this quarter.
  3. My son started college.
  4. I had two dinner dates. The first was with an old friend from Argonaut Insurance and the second was with with a co-worker from the old Foundry group.
  5. I reached out to a women, who was the project manager for a Dual Sales Supply Chain customer, to see if she would be interested in mentoring me in a Project Mgmt. career path.
  6. I received the most adorable picture of my daughter… unSnappedChatted, there is a God!

Let the fashion begin.

Saturday, January 20th


I love lookbook videos and blogs. One of my favorites bloggers is Designing from my Closet. I am at the point in my life I am enjoying real people. I think Janeane is just that. I enjoy her clothing style, loves 2nd hand, she has great ideas, and seems so genuine on social media. Janeane has a lot of different looks I want to create from and I will give her credit. Please check out her site.

What I wore to see Jumanji. I swapped out the flats for heels because I think I am too short.

Monday, January 22

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Another one of my favorite lookbook bloggers is Awesome Over 50. Heather used to be a model and her social media focuses on tips and tricks when it comes to makeup and fashion. Heather also has talent putting together leggings with a long sweater that looks amazing. Her ideas are appropriate for work or play.

Tuesday, January 23


As Paulie from Jersey Shore would say it, “SWEATER TIME!” I love this wine color turtleneck sweater.

Wednesday, January 24


Love, love, love my Gucci loafers. I have been careful not to wear them too much for fear of knocking one of those damn pearls on the back of the heel. On the other hand, the tweed blazer seems to be a favorite of Cladwell because the blazer continues to pop up as part of my daily outfit selections. F-that, I decided to make my own outfit with my favorite shoes.


Thursday, January 25


This is my attempt at color matching opposites. I did not realize the sweater was not pulled down when Alexa took my photo. However, you get the idea.

Friday, January 26


Again with Awesome Over 50, Heather’s go-to look, which I LOVE. I wanted snap a screenshot of her entire outfit but could not find it. This is an idea of the look I took from Heather.

Faux Pau… in order to keep the cardigan (covering) over my chest, I taped the sweater down to my black top. I went about my business at work and noticed after a 1:1 meeting, with a male co-worker, the cardigan was off to the sides and the tape was exposed!!! Lord. The poor guy was probably thinking, “Lady, why do you have tape on your tits?” Obviously, not for support. DOH!




Week 3 ’18

Hello all my friends and subscribers… all 3 of you!

This morning I heard Geoff listening to his morning meditation. Throughout the session, I kept getting these vibes of being back in Midtown and Roseville. As the meditation went on, I continued removing those thoughts from my mind but once I let that feeling go, that sense came back. This lasted 20 minutes.

I think about Midtown a lot. Although Geoff has offered many times to take me back up there and has purchased Old Soul Coffee for me, visiting is not the same as living in the heart of everything. Not to mention having my own apartment to run back too, so I politely decline.

I used Cladwell this week to help inspire me with outfits. I also browsed through my favorite bloggers for the same inspiration. Friday, I forgot to “Echo, take a picture.”  I wore something that made me look so chesty, which was really quite funny and would have loved to share with you all!

On with the show…

Tuesday, January 16


I am a little like Chris… “Would’a, Could’a, Should’a.” I have the exact same pants in cream/black plaid, and I also have blouses in the same color as the recommendation, Unfortunately, I put my own spin on it and wore this instead. I need to stick with the plan!

Wednesday, January 17th


If you didn’t know, Cladwell has a feature that allows users to look ahead +1day. That is what I did and why the day is off. The suggestion looks adorable, and I could have copied exact. I do not know what made me change my mind about the black cardigan swap for a brown faux fur jacket but I did. Also, I must stop wearing my Intel logo sock with skinny ankle pants and booties! It looks frumpy.

One other thing. I have a stand up desk at work. I put the vest on the back of my chair. Whenever I walked back to my desk, All I could see was brown “hair” at my desk, thinking somebody was waiting for me. Next time I’ll take a picture!

Thursday, January 18th


Yes… Finally something I like. I am addicted to lookbook videos on YouTube and there is a blogger that I have been following for a while. Designing From My Closet is a women who incorporates a lot of color into her wardrobe. Although this outfit is simple, I would not have thought to match up teal and gray. I have silver sandals (as she has modeled); living in NorCalif and the rain, I grabbed these!





Week 2 ’18

Friday night. It is almost 11PM, and I am ready for bed. I had a great week both at work and home. Off to the movies last Saturday to see Star Wars, Sunday a visit to Cynthia & Valerie, and this week I focused and completed tasks off my AR’s list!

Intel is honoring MLK and the US has Monday off. Although we just went through Christmas and New Years, I am so looking forward to another three day weekend.

Thanks to Cladwell, these are the outfits selected for me…

Saturday, January 6


The Bay Area saw some rain this past week so it seemed only right for Cladwell to add in rain boots. This is what I wore to see Star Wars. I loved the idea on the right but the colors I had in my closet were too faded and offered no punch or interest. However, I was comfy at the movies and the boots were easy to walk around in, actually fun.

Monday, January 8


Again with the color tones. It may be time I had a color analysis done because that may be the root cause of my issues! I love the sweater, but I do not like it with these jeans and black booties.

Tuesday, January 9


This was a stretch because I do not have a black background printed blouse. However, I have a similar blouse in brown. Loving these colors. Because I did not feel like wearing my “Tight Pants” boots (shown in the suggestion), I wanted some height and picked my Lucky brand HUE-Ls. The sweater is not that flattering opened because I am busty, so I decided to pin it. Off to work I went.

Wednesday, January 10


HAHAHAAHA. It makes me laugh to think “I can wear that!” I did not like the idea of wearing Keds to work, but I did it because I paid Cladwell $40 to pick outfits for me. I took the jacket off once I was in the office. I would actually wear this outfit again. You can call these pants, Intel Blue!

Thursday, January 11


I made a slight swap with the blazer. I wore the shown blazer last week and did not want to repeat so soon. Looking back, I probably should have stuck to the plan. The striped T-shirt was popular; one girl wore a similar T the day before and another girl wore hers the same day. Is it Friday yet?

Friday, January 12


The purple sweater I am wearing looks more blue in the photo. My sweater was also too thick to wear with a blazer. Since I wore jeans all week, I swapped out the black jeans for my Paige jeggins. This was a great Friday wear.


Week 1 ’18

Happy New Year Judith! Aside from being sick over the holiday, I use my lookbook apps this week thinking it would help inspire me to venture out of dullism.

Of course, I ended up playing it safe and stuck to the same old same old. GAG. I used the excuse of being sick and everybody is OOO (out of office) through Friday to deflect my lack of commitment to the applications I purchased (Cladwell & Stylebook) a  week before.

These are the looks I came up with for Week 1 2018:

Wednesday, January 3rd


I wanted to wear complementary colors, so I paired a dark olive green sweater with a pink blouse. However, I copied Cladwell’s look with a similar brown tweed blazer and Gucci loafers (3″). Can I get a shout-out… INSPIRATION is beginning.

Thursday, January 4th

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Thrifted these awesome Kenneth Cole hot pink loafers at Goodwill! I was dying to wear them, and I just so happened to have a blue floral printed blouse that incorporated the same red tones as the pants and shoes! This is me and I LOVED wearing this outfit… CONTINUATION

Friday, January 5th


I wanted to mix up patterns and prints, but also felt the need to play it safe. How much safer can black and red be? I paired up a black/white polka dot blouse and red/black striped top with black cords and mules. The outfit was ok (I cannot capitalize the O). I was not too thrilled about this outfit, more so after seeing this photo. The pieces looked better left on the hanger!

I am actually looking forward to next week.

Love, Jennifer