Mission Statement

Building empowering relationships through love, laughter, and to encourage personal growth with my family, friends and acquaintance’s.

Love, Jennifer

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  1. Suzanne Miller says:

    love all this! your personal goals are much of mine the same! thats what Suzieqtips is about..EMPOWERING WOMEN an why I post what I do! We are all lost souls finding our path an way! OXOX

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    1. jjnelso1 says:

      I started my video’s on Tuesday and boy oh boy do I need HELP. They are so monotone and I have no emotion! It’s hilarious.


  2. Deann Boyd says:

    You are amazing, when do you have time for this? You have come a long way and i am here for you anytime you need anything. Post away, I think it will be fun and helpful.


    1. jjnelso1 says:

      Thanks TWIN!!! You should also be doing with your handbags & shoes!


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