Word for the Day: EXPERIENCE

2019 Onward

I left work around 7PM. Normally walking out through the 2nd floor lobby, however, this night, I decided leave through the main. As I exited the building, it was dark outside. The signage on the topiary was lit up and caught my eye. EXPERIENCE.

For Intel, EXPERIENCE relates to the products they build and all it offers to the consumer. EXPERIENCE shouted at me as I walked past it. Quickly realizing EXPERIENCE was much more than computer chips, or artificial intelligence. EXPERIENCE was the growth opportunities I had throughout my 23 years at this company.

Taken back by an overwhelming feeling of accomplishments and recognitions, I reminisced about my first day in this building (RNB), giving birth to two kids, changing locations, and now returning back to the same building 20 years later.

I have had a lot of EXPERIENCEs working at Intel. I landed jobs that I loved and hated from administrative roles to job rotations in Finance to business analyst in Global Staffing to a core team member for Intel Custom Foundry, and now a new path in Marketing. Every job at this company was and is an amazing EXPERIENCE.

Walking past this sign, many times before (in daylight), I never thought about or considered that EXPERIENCE related to me in any way, shape, or form… but it does, and Intel is so spot on!