The Beginning and End: Vernal Falls

IMG_83867.23 mi from the shuttle bus stop, to the top of Vernal Falls, and back to the shuttle bus stop. The last memories I have of Vernal Falls were steep steps, my dad, and the serene stillness of a quiet river before falling over the cliff.

According to my dad, he remembers heading up to the top of Vernal Falls with my mom, me, and my brother. My mom pulled back long before climbing the stairs, “She was on her hands and knees ready to throw up.” my dad said. My dad continues on… “I had to carry your brother and hold your hand all the way up.” If that is true, hats off to my dad and that he was able to make it to the top. That is one hard hike… in both directions.

I did not know what to expect that morning, For starters, I was concerned about my body’s reaction to exercising because I do not consume carbs/sugar as my main energy source. Also, I psyched myself out that I would be like my mom; bending over a rock throwing up my morning coffee.

However, to my surprise, the sign at the foot of trail indicate that the hike to the top was only 1.5 mi. Easy, right? On the contrary. That was the hardest 1.5 mi I have hiked in a long time. It took almost the entire hike up before my muscles got used to the incline and my 2nd wind did not kick-in until after I reached the last section of stairs to the finish line.

A word of warning to those who are as athletic; hiking down the falls was another story and much worse. I remember Chris’ dad, Tom, taking a tumble at Saratoga Springs and blaming his “stopping muscles,” for the fall. Well, I know exactly what Tom was talking about! I am laughing because it is so true!

I had such an awesome time in Yosemite, and this one trip has inspired me to do more hiking excursions around the Bay Area.


Love, jennifer




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