Resting Place of Hummingbirds

The meaning is from the Ohlone tribe word Umunhum. Although I did not see any humingbirds, it was amazing to finally have the chance to explore the radar tower I have seen from the valley floor.

A few Sunday’s ago, I took an evening stroll up to the fourth highest peak in the Santa Cruz Mt. range, Mount Umunhum. Mount Umunhum was used as a radar surveillance post to watch hostile aircraft during the Cold War and was never opened to the public. However,  after some federal funding afforded construction cleanup, the tower area opened to the public in September 2017.

The drive up Hicks Road to the parking lot is ~30 minute (if you are in town). From the parking lot, there are two options to reach the radar tower, drive up the hill and drop off or climb up 159 steps… I opted for the stairs.


This is the concrete tower that sits on top of the mountain and is visible from the valley.

















A ceremonial circle was built to honor the Amah Mustun Indians who lived on this land. The mountain is considered a sacred place.


Visitors stacking rocks.


Love, Jennifer 

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