Easter Saturday

Mom’s 7 Dessert Selection

I received the invitation from my dad through my work email. I was delighted to see a message from my father first thing in the morning. Of course I skipped all priorities and opened his email; I was eager to read what he had to say.

My parents were inviting me and Elderberry to their house on the 31st for dinner. In the message was a list of other invited guests and a menu… mom is making pasta with shrimp and three desserts.  EOM.

Stuck in the Bay Area Traffic

Obviously my dad is not long winded when it comes to written correspondence. I feel lucky if I receive an email from him that is three sentences. His email was like any other email I get from him. However, I still have hope that one day I will read “How have you been?” But that level of interest was not going to happen today.


The weeks leading up to Easter Saturday passed quickly and before I knew it, Elderberry and I were driving to Sacramento for pasta with shrimp and three desserts… did I mention? We are not diabetic.

My son

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