Week 10 ’18

Starting off the week (Sunday), Geoff and I were invited to an Italian dinner 75 birthday party in down town San Jose. Wine, pasta, and dessert (homemade cannoli’s) was worth the carb loading that evening. Let me also mention that after the meal, I fasted for 32hrs!! Accomplishing a 32hr fast was a first for me and got me excited to try a 48hrs… which I am doing today!

The birthday dinner attire was casual and my friend mentioned wearing jeans my leopard boots (she wore her boots).

I put together the outfit below/left.

The cream sweater is Angora and I wore my favorite thrifted jeans. I loved this outfit so much that I ended up wearing it to work last Tuesday.


Geoff and I had another dinner date yesterday (Friday), so I set myself up with a pair of white jeans and this oversized light weight brown CABI sweater. Tucking in the sweater was a nightmare because the top is very wide and boxy. I pulled out a blazer to stay warm(er) in the office. I see from the photo that I need to adjust my clothes in the mirror before I have Alexa take a picture! 🙂 I look lopsided!

The white jeans are WHBM. Although I am not too fond of the capri look, however, the detail (not shown) of the crystal rivets are a great touch and remind me of my True Religion jeans and also my favorite thrifted jeans above.  I will wear these white jeans more often! Oh, the other thing, like my True Religion, these jeans did not stretch out and kept the shape all day and into the evening! I LOVE THAT.



Love, Jennifer

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