Week 9 ’18

As I head into March; the month of birthday’s, wine tasting, get togethers, and dinners, the commitment I made (last week) to use Cladwell did not pan out. The tool always returns one or two things that I do not feel like wearing, so I scrap the daily ideas all together.

A few things I believe that I am lacking with coordinating outfits are inspirations from fashion photos. I may run out and buy a Teen Beat (jk) Vogue & Cosmopolitan magazines.

Also, most of the lookbook videos on YouTube are created by 20 somethings who do not have my same body type or wrinkles. It is hard to put stuff together when everything looks good on them.

Looking stylish, creative, or put together is so much harder than I thought.

Another week is another disappointment.

Back to the drawing board.


The kitten heel boots were purchased at DSW. After the sale price and another $10 off, they were $30 (originally $200). The shoes name is Nelson! I love the boots and they are a lot of fun. The pleather pants are NeNe Leakes and the sweater is Karen Scott. I opted out of the partial tuck because the pants are high waisted. I should have tried the look because having the sweater tucked in may not have looked as sloppy.


I thrifted the paisley top, pants and loafers. Does it look thrifted? Anyway, I love the individual pieces but maybe not together. The blouse is a peplum style, which maybe will pair better with a darker pant or blue jeans.

At this time in my life, I am really into loafers. The ones I wore are navy blue. Maybe a 3″ heel.


Caught a B. Jones Style video, What She Wore, for this inspiration. I saved all the T shirts through the many years of Erin playing high school and club volleyball. Hoping one day to make a t-shirt blanket to replace the one she lost. This outfit was okay. Looked better in the video (linked).


Okay, the photo on the left has me looking like some crazy doctor from a horror movie… need to opt in a white coat. Not sure what to say about this creative look! I don’t like the color combo or the tuxedo pants. Not to mention the color scheme is way too close to what I wore yesterday.

Here is to Week 10!




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