Week 7 ’18

Week 7 lead into a three day weekend… thank you, Presidents! Having that extra day off from work is really nice and something I look forward too.

Paid a visit to Sur La Tab and attended their cooking class; Dutch Oven. Loved the chef who taught the class, her personality was all Duarte and had me laughing because she was so sarcastic.

Monday was the SAVER’ents Day celebration, which had Geoff and I driving up to the Vacaville location where we had a chance to meet-up with Best Friend Matt. Drove back home and stopped at the Danville store and picked up a couple black belts. That location was crowded and a lot of stuff cleared out. Last year we managed to hit three stores. That was fun because we kept running into the same people who were also SAVERS hopping!

(ignore the 1st outfit that I wore the Saturday before, I got mixed up when cropping photos)

Not too thrilled with this weeks choices. It seems off and boring. However, I do my Valentines Day outfit. Erin (daughter) made a comment on Instagram asking if I purchased the top from the Cheshire Cat!




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