Week 6 ’18

What an amazing week. I cannot believe it is already February. It has been nice getting out of the house. Last weekend was Super Bowl and this weekend was cards; so much fun. I had a great dinner at Pedro’s with good friends, and the office was so quiet… a lot of our team is in South Korea at the Olympics!

I planned a trip out to Folsom to see my parents but the 2hr drive I expected turned into a 5hr drive. Given that I was only in Fairfield with two hours of a drive left, I decided to cancel my trip and head back home. Hopefully I will be able to make it back up to see my folks soon.

Monday, February 5

EEBE1E59-691B-4D39-A381-64580B67BB86 2

I like this top. It is supposed to tie in the front but I decided to tuck it in.

Tuesday, February 6

DCAB1483-2390-496E-945A-219EA030461D 2

Cladwell outfit selection…boring.

Wednesday, February 7

A50CE198-F170-4F56-A595-2C4314D5EADC 2

I did not like this outfit. The painted pants are not flattering and way too tight.

Thursday, February 8

14875020-8632-4524-BE09-445113E34EC4 2

These are my favorite jeans. These are my go-to jeans, more than the True Religions I thought were the bomb.

Saturday, February 10

1D94A5FA-C049-4E4B-A858-2C8136BD9C1F 2


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