Week 5 ’18

January is over and done. The Bay Are has started the month of February with amazingly warm weather, while inside the office the temperature is 30 below zero.

Cladwell. I admit that refer to the app before I get ready for bed.  I use the look ahead one day option when the current options do not get my heart pumping. The choices Cladwell offers are… blaaaahhh.  There is something about the selections that I do not “feel” like wearing.

Another ideas I had was to refer back to my saved Pinterest pins. That provided a couple options. Why is it so hard shopping from my closet?

This is what I wore week 5:

Saturday, January 27


I have been enjoying my new Adidas. I purchased these from DSW during a sale promotion. DSW was out of the black and gold but after digging, I found the silver. Very comfortable shoe.

Monday, January 29


Intel had an amazing 4th quarter and with my year-end bonus, I decided to treat myself to a Gucci belt. The pants are peach cargos. I like the pants but they stretch out a lot… which is why I wore the belt.

Tuesday, January 31

0FF93E75-6261-490B-B782-6E5797DB2AA3 2

I see a lot of lookbooks that match up animal printed blouses with all sorts of sweaters and that was my inspiration for Wednesday.

Thursday, February 1


Repeating another lookbook that swapped out an animal printed blouse for checked. The gray t-shirt is long enough to wear over leggings and was not the best choice to pair with jeans, however, I liked the top with the blouse.

Friday, February 2


I do not know what I was thinking. Maybe that I wanted to wear these pink loafers, or if I could get away with wearing a bright color with camouflage. For your information, I watched a YouTube video with instructions on how to tuck in a blouse, shirt, and sweater. What did I do??? I ended up fixing the tuck around 3PM.


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