Week 4 ’18

Week 4 proved to be a great week. (in order of what happened)

  1. Saw Jumanji (Men on Film… LOVED IT)
  2. Went to Martin Ranch Winery. Tasted the wine club selections this quarter.
  3. My son started college.
  4. I had two dinner dates. The first was with an old friend from Argonaut Insurance and the second was with with a co-worker from the old Foundry group.
  5. I reached out to a women, who was the project manager for a Dual Sales Supply Chain customer, to see if she would be interested in mentoring me in a Project Mgmt. career path.
  6. I received the most adorable picture of my daughter… unSnappedChatted, there is a God!

Let the fashion begin.

Saturday, January 20th


I love lookbook videos and blogs. One of my favorites bloggers is Designing from my Closet. I am at the point in my life I am enjoying real people. I think Janeane is just that. I enjoy her clothing style, loves 2nd hand, she has great ideas, and seems so genuine on social media. Janeane has a lot of different looks I want to create from and I will give her credit. Please check out her site.

What I wore to see Jumanji. I swapped out the flats for heels because I think I am too short.

Monday, January 22

33F632A9-4F36-45BC-B2E1-66CCE4EB4A4B 2

Another one of my favorite lookbook bloggers is Awesome Over 50. Heather used to be a model and her social media focuses on tips and tricks when it comes to makeup and fashion. Heather also has talent putting together leggings with a long sweater that looks amazing. Her ideas are appropriate for work or play.

Tuesday, January 23


As Paulie from Jersey Shore would say it, “SWEATER TIME!” I love this wine color turtleneck sweater.

Wednesday, January 24


Love, love, love my Gucci loafers. I have been careful not to wear them too much for fear of knocking one of those damn pearls on the back of the heel. On the other hand, the tweed blazer seems to be a favorite of Cladwell because the blazer continues to pop up as part of my daily outfit selections. F-that, I decided to make my own outfit with my favorite shoes.


Thursday, January 25


This is my attempt at color matching opposites. I did not realize the sweater was not pulled down when Alexa took my photo. However, you get the idea.

Friday, January 26


Again with Awesome Over 50, Heather’s go-to look, which I LOVE. I wanted snap a screenshot of her entire outfit but could not find it. This is an idea of the look I took from Heather.

Faux Pau… in order to keep the cardigan (covering) over my chest, I taped the sweater down to my black top. I went about my business at work and noticed after a 1:1 meeting, with a male co-worker, the cardigan was off to the sides and the tape was exposed!!! Lord. The poor guy was probably thinking, “Lady, why do you have tape on your tits?” Obviously, not for support. DOH!




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