Week 3 ’18

Hello all my friends and subscribers… all 3 of you!

This morning I heard Geoff listening to his morning meditation. Throughout the session, I kept getting these vibes of being back in Midtown and Roseville. As the meditation went on, I continued removing those thoughts from my mind but once I let that feeling go, that sense came back. This lasted 20 minutes.

I think about Midtown a lot. Although Geoff has offered many times to take me back up there and has purchased Old Soul Coffee for me, visiting is not the same as living in the heart of everything. Not to mention having my own apartment to run back too, so I politely decline.

I used Cladwell this week to help inspire me with outfits. I also browsed through my favorite bloggers for the same inspiration. Friday, I forgot to “Echo, take a picture.”  I wore something that made me look so chesty, which was really quite funny and would have loved to share with you all!

On with the show…

Tuesday, January 16


I am a little like Chris… “Would’a, Could’a, Should’a.” I have the exact same pants in cream/black plaid, and I also have blouses in the same color as the recommendation, Unfortunately, I put my own spin on it and wore this instead. I need to stick with the plan!

Wednesday, January 17th


If you didn’t know, Cladwell has a feature that allows users to look ahead +1day. That is what I did and why the day is off. The suggestion looks adorable, and I could have copied exact. I do not know what made me change my mind about the black cardigan swap for a brown faux fur jacket but I did. Also, I must stop wearing my Intel logo sock with skinny ankle pants and booties! It looks frumpy.

One other thing. I have a stand up desk at work. I put the vest on the back of my chair. Whenever I walked back to my desk, All I could see was brown “hair” at my desk, thinking somebody was waiting for me. Next time I’ll take a picture!

Thursday, January 18th


Yes… Finally something I like. I am addicted to lookbook videos on YouTube and there is a blogger that I have been following for a while. Designing From My Closet is a women who incorporates a lot of color into her wardrobe. Although this outfit is simple, I would not have thought to match up teal and gray. I have silver sandals (as she has modeled); living in NorCalif and the rain, I grabbed these!





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