Week 2 ’18

Friday night. It is almost 11PM, and I am ready for bed. I had a great week both at work and home. Off to the movies last Saturday to see Star Wars, Sunday a visit to Cynthia & Valerie, and this week I focused and completed tasks off my AR’s list!

Intel is honoring MLK and the US has Monday off. Although we just went through Christmas and New Years, I am so looking forward to another three day weekend.

Thanks to Cladwell, these are the outfits selected for me…

Saturday, January 6


The Bay Area saw some rain this past week so it seemed only right for Cladwell to add in rain boots. This is what I wore to see Star Wars. I loved the idea on the right but the colors I had in my closet were too faded and offered no punch or interest. However, I was comfy at the movies and the boots were easy to walk around in, actually fun.

Monday, January 8


Again with the color tones. It may be time I had a color analysis done because that may be the root cause of my issues! I love the sweater, but I do not like it with these jeans and black booties.

Tuesday, January 9


This was a stretch because I do not have a black background printed blouse. However, I have a similar blouse in brown. Loving these colors. Because I did not feel like wearing my “Tight Pants” boots (shown in the suggestion), I wanted some height and picked my Lucky brand HUE-Ls. The sweater is not that flattering opened because I am busty, so I decided to pin it. Off to work I went.

Wednesday, January 10


HAHAHAAHA. It makes me laugh to think “I can wear that!” I did not like the idea of wearing Keds to work, but I did it because I paid Cladwell $40 to pick outfits for me. I took the jacket off once I was in the office. I would actually wear this outfit again. You can call these pants, Intel Blue!

Thursday, January 11


I made a slight swap with the blazer. I wore the shown blazer last week and did not want to repeat so soon. Looking back, I probably should have stuck to the plan. The striped T-shirt was popular; one girl wore a similar T the day before and another girl wore hers the same day. Is it Friday yet?

Friday, January 12


The purple sweater I am wearing looks more blue in the photo. My sweater was also too thick to wear with a blazer. Since I wore jeans all week, I swapped out the black jeans for my Paige jeggins. This was a great Friday wear.


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