Week 1 ’18

Happy New Year Judith! Aside from being sick over the holiday, I use my lookbook apps this week thinking it would help inspire me to venture out of dullism.

Of course, I ended up playing it safe and stuck to the same old same old. GAG. I used the excuse of being sick and everybody is OOO (out of office) through Friday to deflect my lack of commitment to the applications I purchased (Cladwell & Stylebook) a  week before.

These are the looks I came up with for Week 1 2018:

Wednesday, January 3rd


I wanted to wear complementary colors, so I paired a dark olive green sweater with a pink blouse. However, I copied Cladwell’s look with a similar brown tweed blazer and Gucci loafers (3″). Can I get a shout-out… INSPIRATION is beginning.

Thursday, January 4th

6994E3E0-2872-4CE5-AA1F-6AF7E727127F 2

Thrifted these awesome Kenneth Cole hot pink loafers at Goodwill! I was dying to wear them, and I just so happened to have a blue floral printed blouse that incorporated the same red tones as the pants and shoes! This is me and I LOVED wearing this outfit… CONTINUATION

Friday, January 5th


I wanted to mix up patterns and prints, but also felt the need to play it safe. How much safer can black and red be? I paired up a black/white polka dot blouse and red/black striped top with black cords and mules. The outfit was ok (I cannot capitalize the O). I was not too thrilled about this outfit, more so after seeing this photo. The pieces looked better left on the hanger!

I am actually looking forward to next week.

Love, Jennifer



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