Lunch Time With Cynthia… Friday casual

My cousin recently moved up North and landed a job in Silicon Valley… down the street from where I work! We hooked up for lunch, today, and ate in a cafe located in her building. It was very nice and my lunch was delicious.

The dessert section had chocolate coconut macaroons that looked like my moms. I decided to purchased one and share with my cousin; it was very good. After lunch I headed back to the office and that is when I started feeling sick. Hate when you catch a cold/flu just as the weekend is starting.

It will be nice to have a couple days off, sit in my sweats, sleep in, and drink hot liquids.

  • Blouse: LOFT, size MP
  • Jeans: Sweet Look Premium, size 7 (I love these jeans)
  • Booties: Crown Vintage, size 7 1/2


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