Week 2

I saw a bunch of like-minded outfits on Pinterest, and I was excited to remake it from my closet. What a flop. I know if my dad saw me, he’d call me Poncho Villa.

I received the poncho as a gift from Judith, and I have worn it many times… with blue jeans. I don’t know if it was the combo of the white jeans and the turtle neck, which stretched out as soon as I pulled it over my head, or maybe the boots. All I know is that I did not care for this outfit, and I will get rid of the white turtleneck immediately.

Just to let everybody know, I had no business wearing the white jeans. They were too tight, so tight I should have been a guest on Jimmy Fallon (…got my tight pants on…). Actually, now that I think a out it, I should have worn the jeans for Halloween.

  • Turtle Neck: Gap Ultrafine, size M
  • Poncho: David & Young New York, one size
  • Jeans: Guess, Brittney Skinny Ankle, size 27
  • Boots (over the knee), Carlos Santana, size 8


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