Casual Friday Look

Today, I had to work on a project for an All-Hands meeting on Monday. I am on the agenda to present a 90 second video about me. What I figured would be a 2 hr time consuming ordeal took 5hrs. Of course I am critical of myself because in the voice over, I have no personality. If you are interested, the video is linked here.

The shoes is what made the outfit. I have had these camel hair booties in my closet since Midtown. I have only worn them one other time because I wasn’t sure if I liked them on. Like everything else in my closet, I make excuses to keep the items because I will wear it one day… one day.

I love these shoes. They were fun and I enjoyed how the entire look/colors pulled together. Nice job, Jennifer!

  • Blouse: Zara Basics Collection, size medium
  • Jeans: V.I.P. Jeans, size 5/6
  • Shoes: Nima camel hair pointy toe bootie, size 8


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