My first day back with a brand new “look”

Last week, Geoff mentioned to me that he wanted us to watch a documentary about a fashion icon. It was something he thought I would enjoy. I knew exactly who he was talking about (Iris Apfel) after I asked him if the icon wore big glasses! I loved the short film, which showcased Iris’ life, marriage, and clips of her dressing other women, shopping, and donating outfit’s for a department store’s display windows.

It took watching this film to re-inspire me into starting back up with my clothing blog and daily outfit modeling. Unfortunately, I was not sure how I could make the time setting up the camera, filming, editing the video, and also taking photos of my outfits.

However, Sunday afternoon, and to my surprise, I came home to an unexpected gift…an Echo Look. I had no idea what this was, so I started watching YouTube videos on its capabilities. After two minutes of that, I immediately opened my closet, re-arranging, tossing, trying on, and creating outfits for this week’s Lookbook!

Day 1 was inspired by an “Over 50” video I watched on YouTube. I LOVED the way this outfit came together, and I thought it was complementary to my face vs. the all black go-to looks I have been wearing these past 7 months. Cream is the new black!

  • Blouse: Jones of New York, size 10
  • Trousers: Talbots, 6p
  • Shoes: Franco Sarto, A-Atlas 7 1/2 (3″ stacked heel)



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