Week 2

I saw a bunch of like-minded outfits on Pinterest, and I was excited to remake it from my closet. What a flop. I know if my dad saw me, he’d call me Poncho Villa.

I received the poncho as a gift from Judith, and I have worn it many times… with blue jeans. I don’t know if it was the combo of the white jeans and the turtle neck, which stretched out as soon as I pulled it over my head, or maybe the boots. All I know is that I did not care for this outfit, and I will get rid of the white turtleneck immediately.

Just to let everybody know, I had no business wearing the white jeans. They were too tight, so tight I should have been a guest on Jimmy Fallon (…got my tight pants on…). Actually, now that I think a out it, I should have worn the jeans for Halloween.

  • Turtle Neck: Gap Ultrafine, size M
  • Poncho: David & Young New York, one size
  • Jeans: Guess, Brittney Skinny Ankle, size 27
  • Boots (over the knee), Carlos Santana, size 8


Casual Friday Look

Today, I had to work on a project for an All-Hands meeting on Monday. I am on the agenda to present a 90 second video about me. What I figured would be a 2 hr time consuming ordeal took 5hrs. Of course I am critical of myself because in the voice over, I have no personality. If you are interested, the video is linked here.

The shoes is what made the outfit. I have had these camel hair booties in my closet since Midtown. I have only worn them one other time because I wasn’t sure if I liked them on. Like everything else in my closet, I make excuses to keep the items because I will wear it one day… one day.

I love these shoes. They were fun and I enjoyed how the entire look/colors pulled together. Nice job, Jennifer!

  • Blouse: Zara Basics Collection, size medium
  • Jeans: V.I.P. Jeans, size 5/6
  • Shoes: Nima camel hair pointy toe bootie, size 8


3 Shades of Gray

It is the end of October and, in the Bay Area, over 80 degrees outside. Although the outdoors feels like Summer, sure as shit it is 50 degrees in the office; a welcoming invitation to break out my Fall wardrobe.

Changing things up, I matched the gray tones of the sweaters and pants with a pair of brown sling-back block heels.   A brown belt was to accompany the outfit, but I decided against it because I did not like the contrast of breaking up the gray on gray look. Also, this was the perfect outfit selection to wear for the dinner date I had tonight with a co-worker. This outfit is comfy, not restricting, and I would wear it again.

  • Sweater: Forever 21, small
  • Cardigan: Tahari (cashmere… looking for the stain), large
  • Pants: LOFT, Marissa skinny trouser, size 6 (these run large fyi)
  • Shoes: Nine West (square toe / sling-back), size 8


26 October, 2017 04:08

Alexa, take a photo…

Today’s lobby party nailed my decision to wear this outfit. I found a great YouTube vlogger, Elisa in Montreal, who re-created a similar outfit from a magazine clip. I think black and white is all too common but by adding the painted jeans took it up a notch (my take on leather).

Like the re-created look, I have a standard white blouse in my closet, but I thought the bell sleeves on this blouse added some flair and a better fit with the marketing team’s party.

  • Jacket: Villager (Liz Claiborne Co.), size 10
  • Blouse: LARUEN Ralph Lauren, size L
  • Pants: Car Mar painted jeans, size 27
  • Shoes: American Eagle, size 7 1/2



Day 2 Flop

Today’s look was to repurpose a dress that was too short by pairing it with black jeggings. I originally selected to wear red jeggings, however, the length of the pant was too long and looked bunchy at the ankle.

This outfit is not one of my favorites, which is probably why I never wore the dress to begin with. I felt “thick” around the middle, not myself, and I wanted to remove the dress after eating lunch.

  • Dress: Jennifer Lopes, Medium
  • Pants: Paige (Peg Super Skinny), 28 runs big fyi
  • Shoes:  American Eagle black ankle bootie, 8
  • Undershirt: Heat (one size)


My first day back with a brand new “look”

Last week, Geoff mentioned to me that he wanted us to watch a documentary about a fashion icon. It was something he thought I would enjoy. I knew exactly who he was talking about (Iris Apfel) after I asked him if the icon wore big glasses! I loved the short film, which showcased Iris’ life, marriage, and clips of her dressing other women, shopping, and donating outfit’s for a department store’s display windows.

It took watching this film to re-inspire me into starting back up with my clothing blog and daily outfit modeling. Unfortunately, I was not sure how I could make the time setting up the camera, filming, editing the video, and also taking photos of my outfits.

However, Sunday afternoon, and to my surprise, I came home to an unexpected gift…an Echo Look. I had no idea what this was, so I started watching YouTube videos on its capabilities. After two minutes of that, I immediately opened my closet, re-arranging, tossing, trying on, and creating outfits for this week’s Lookbook!

Day 1 was inspired by an “Over 50” video I watched on YouTube. I LOVED the way this outfit came together, and I thought it was complementary to my face vs. the all black go-to looks I have been wearing these past 7 months. Cream is the new black!

  • Blouse: Jones of New York, size 10
  • Trousers: Talbots, 6p
  • Shoes: Franco Sarto, A-Atlas 7 1/2 (3″ stacked heel)