What I Won’t Wear January17

Updated my decisions for 2H’JAN




  • PANTYGATE… because that is what was going on at work. This was the first time I’ve worn the skirt, so I had no idea how high the front slit was when sitting down… in a meeting with my manager! I kid you not, the rest of the day, I either stood or sat at my desk with my coat covering my legs (unfortunately, I did not have a napkin handy). Skirt; not for workplace or for me. As much as I love the skirt’s style, print, and fit, but because of the front slit, and I am not 24, I have to say Bye Felicia.







Updated my decisions for 1H’JAN




  • The red scarf. Now I know why I have never worn it. The color is nice but it is not functional for me. Also, I ended up removing the scarf from my outfit mid-morning because it was in the way.
  • Ann Taylor red pumps. These were not comfortable. The top of the shoe cut into my foot and I dreaded the walk back to my car. If I kept these pumps, I do not think I could walk around in them for more than 5 minutes. Let me put it this way, my 4” Sam Edelman heels are more comfortable.



  • The printed dress from Talbots is not something I would reach for again. But because I enjoy the pint and color hues, I desperately want to give the dress a 2nd try. However, do to my overflow of unworn clothing inventory, I need to send this dress off to Savers Heaven.


  • It is with sad news that the Old Navy black sweatshirt dress will also exit my closet. The dress and I have been together through Jenny Craig weight loss in 2012, Midtown weight gain in 2014 – 2016, and now my ketogenic lifestyle. For a simple black dress, it served it purpose well.




  • Vince Camuto knee-high black boots. These boots scrunched down on me for the last time. I do not think the boots are the problem but that maybe I invested in a wide-calf boot. The boots are in great condition and will make someone else very happy.









  • Ann Taylor cropped haystack print trousers. NO, NO, NO. I did not like the mix of the pants and Stuart Weitzman metallic flats, and I never realized how white I really am. Obviously, I’ve been in denial thinking I could pull this off.

2 thoughts on “What I Won’t Wear January17

  1. Doing this is actually a good way to finally go thru your closet and get rid of things you know you’ll never wear again! Yeah Jen!


    1. it has helped so much. I formed attachments to my clothes and that is why I refused to get rid of them. Making myself wear each item is torture and a great decision maker!!! I love you!!!! xoxox


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