No Repeat Clothing Challenge

On 1/2/2017, I am going to start a no repeat clothing challenge. I am challenging myself to NOT REPEAT weekly outfits (M-F) with allowances for weekends only. My objective is to fully understand the amount of clothing I own, what works vs. what I insist on keeping but do not wear, and to make honest decisions of what I need to purge from inventory.

I hope to accomplish future clothing purchases as sense of necessity rather than an obsession for that immediate high, which last a few days. I believe that forcing myself wear each item for a full 8hrs/day, provides reality that the items, which do not work, are leaving my closet and going to donations.

I decided to extend the challenge to blogging and posting weekly look-books of what I wore, and I am also considering vlogging my experience. My blog ideas include:

  • Outfit photos and description
  • Outfit inspiration
  • What the outfit looks like on me (look-book)
  • Estimated cost of the outfit
  • What I liked and did not like about the outfit
  • What I will keep or donate

I will continue the challenge until I have to repeat an article of clothing. I decided I must be restrictive. I do not want to repeat the same pair of jeans with different shirts when I have ten other pair of jeans in my closet.

Also, incidental clothing allowances will drop from $500 to $50/month. This allows me the option to go shopping with friends but does not give me free will to purchase more clothes to extend my existing closet.

I hope you will follow me though my journey starting in January and maybe try this out for yourself!

Love, jennifer