The End

img_6919The Midtown (Handle District) chapter in my life is coming to an end. Next month, I am expecting to give my 30 days notice on the Midtown Victorian apartment that forced me into a world of independence, kept me safe after leaving a toxic relationship, and occupying my time while going through a divorce.

One of my many internal thoughts; I always imagined living in Midtown Sacramento. I fell in love with all the trees, unique dwellings, the eclectic stores, restaurants, and community. My ideal living space included hardwood floors throughout, black/white kitchen & bath… with a claw foot tub, and a washer & dryer in an old Victorian apartment. Over six months after I quit my husband, I was moving myself out of suburbia into my dream home, just as I envisioned.

I have mixed emotions about leaving Midtown. I am completely attached to my surroundings in the city. Remembering over three years ago, I could not go anywhere alone, because I felt that people were judging me. Today, I shop down J & K Streets, hit up Sanford & Son (Tina’s), try new restaurants, shop at Goodwill, enjoy coffee houses, outdoor events, sight seeing, or just strolling around the Capitol. I also rode my bike everywhere; food co-op, farmer’s markets, Old Town, and local museums. Also, the independence to be alone is something I would not have not considered I could do. There are so many things to do in Midtown, and I am grateful that the most perfect opportunity, I could ever imagined, was given to me during a time that was painful and challenging.

What I am going to miss the most about Midtown? The sound of the cargo train, Capitol Avenue traffic (foot), and the smell of food from all the restaurants that surround my home: Mulvany’s smoked pork, Zocalo’s Mexican food, and Broderick’s hamburgers.

I honestly can say that I live in the coolest California neighborhood, The Handle District!

Greatest Midtown Memories:

Grocery Outlet must haves * Sac Natural Foods Co-op new store * Old Soul coffee & kitchen * Lucky Cafe breakfast * The Capitol park * Ambrosia people watching * Aioli tapas * Scouts pearl necklace * Goodwill finds * CVS * Tina’s junk store * Temple coffee * Capital Dime burgers * Etuscany gelato * Midtown Farmers Market * Insight ginger baristas * Revolution Wines game night * Pushkins Bakery * Crest Theatre concerts * Downtown Stage play * 2nd Saturday galleries * Fashion Show street closure * Tank House dirty tots * Deschutes street closure * Chalk it Up * Mag Pie/Yellowbill granola * Shady Lady drinks * LowBrau sausages * Yoga * 1820 fire trucks * I Street haunted house * Fab 40’s Christmas walk * Waiter Race street closure * Old Town 4th of July fireworks * Amgen bike race * Marathons * Crocker Museum * Stanford House * K Street * Sacramento Architecture * Capitol homeless protests * Diversity * Bike parties * Mason Temple * Cathedral * Concert in the Park * Bike Month outdoor films * Benjamin Shoes man made loafers * Pancake Circus because I hate clowns * and becoming a Coffee Snob

Love, Jennifer

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