The End

img_6919The Midtown (Handle District) chapter in my life is coming to an end. Next month, I am expecting to give my 30 days notice on the Midtown Victorian apartment that forced me into a world of independence, kept me safe after leaving a toxic relationship, and occupying my time while going through a divorce.

One of my many internal thoughts; I always imagined living in Midtown Sacramento. I fell in love with all the trees, unique dwellings, the eclectic stores, restaurants, and community. My ideal living space included hardwood floors throughout, black/white kitchen & bath… with a claw foot tub, and a washer & dryer in an old Victorian apartment. Over six months after I quit my husband, I was moving myself out of suburbia into my dream home, just as I envisioned.

I have mixed emotions about leaving Midtown. I am completely attached to my surroundings in the city. Remembering over three years ago, I could not go anywhere alone, because I felt that people were judging me. Today, I shop down J & K Streets, hit up Sanford & Son (Tina’s), try new restaurants, shop at Goodwill, enjoy coffee houses, outdoor events, sight seeing, or just strolling around the Capitol. I also rode my bike everywhere; food co-op, farmer’s markets, Old Town, and local museums. Also, the independence to be alone is something I would not have not considered I could do. There are so many things to do in Midtown, and I am grateful that the most perfect opportunity, I could ever imagined, was given to me during a time that was painful and challenging.

What I am going to miss the most about Midtown? The sound of the cargo train, Capitol Avenue traffic (foot), and the smell of food from all the restaurants that surround my home: Mulvany’s smoked pork, Zocalo’s Mexican food, and Broderick’s hamburgers.

I honestly can say that I live in the coolest California neighborhood, The Handle District!

Greatest Midtown Memories:

Grocery Outlet must haves * Sac Natural Foods Co-op new store * Old Soul coffee & kitchen * Lucky Cafe breakfast * The Capitol park * Ambrosia people watching * Aioli tapas * Scouts pearl necklace * Goodwill finds * CVS * Tina’s junk store * Temple coffee * Capital Dime burgers * Etuscany gelato * Midtown Farmers Market * Insight ginger baristas * Revolution Wines game night * Pushkins Bakery * Crest Theatre concerts * Downtown Stage play * 2nd Saturday galleries * Fashion Show street closure * Tank House dirty tots * Deschutes street closure * Chalk it Up * Mag Pie/Yellowbill granola * Shady Lady drinks * LowBrau sausages * Yoga * 1820 fire trucks * I Street haunted house * Fab 40’s Christmas walk * Waiter Race street closure * Old Town 4th of July fireworks * Amgen bike race * Marathons * Crocker Museum * Stanford House * K Street * Sacramento Architecture * Capitol homeless protests * Diversity * Bike parties * Mason Temple * Cathedral * Concert in the Park * Bike Month outdoor films * Benjamin Shoes man made loafers * Pancake Circus because I hate clowns * and becoming a Coffee Snob

Love, Jennifer

Lifelong Journey: Weight Loss

image“…I have lost weight, I have gained the weight back. I have constantly struggled with all sorts of the weight stuff, so this is a constant journey for me and weight loss is a lifetime journey, so we can all really use the advice, and tips, and support from one another going on the same journey as we are.” Diva and the Devine 2016

I was living my life like a corporation, aiming for lower [headcount & spending] targets than justifying why the results were over goal. Devoting most of my entire life marching to a targeted weight number that society sees as “beautiful” is insane, and in the fifty years I have been alive, I have achieved my ideal goal weight, three times. To this day, I was still obsessing over a number that, for me, may not ever be reality. Why can’t I let it go?

The girl I quoted was taken from a YouTube video on Weight Watchers and snack/SmartPoints ideas. It is a wake-up call to a bigger problem a lot of us face today. I never thought I would come across another women verbally stating that weight loss is a lifetime journey, and seeming to accept that fate. Who would want to spend their life trying to lose weight? But that is what a lot of women (and men) do, and the hard truth is that I was one of them.

It is extremely difficult to let the weight loss obsession go. I grew up with family members pointing out and poking the areas of my body that accumulate fat (arms and stomach). By the time I was five years old, I was aware that I was fat; being fat related to not being loved, and set a lifelong path of skinny obsessing.

I think I am like a lot of women; counting calories, eating 100 calorie snack packs, removing fat from my diet, consuming sugar free/low/er fat products, eating grains, and over-dosing on chicken breast. Yet, my experience was not achieving  my goal weight, but instead seeing the number on my scale rise, and resorting to wearing “Bad Idea Jeans.”

April 2016, I was reintroduced to Whole 30 via an audio book. I listened to the book a few times before finding podcasts on low carb high fat, and then making my way to a Ketogenic lifestyle. During that same time, I was also experiencing health symptoms, such as nerve pain, vertigo, and skin issues, which I thought were related to auto immune and insulin problems. I made the decision to forgo the (added) sugars, grains, and higher carbohydrate foods from my diet.

On April 30th, I went cold turkey eating low carb high fat, and as of today I have not looked back with regret. I will never say that spaghetti does not sound good, nor will I pass-up a bakery without window shopping (it is still fun to look). Consuming real foods has made a difference in my life. I have not seen myself obsessing with: weight loss targets, counting calories, or the number on my scale. I eat whatever I want, or what sounds good that day. I am enjoying shopping for meats and produce, and trying new recipes. I have lost 15lbs from consuming high fat, moderate protein, and low carb foods. Also, the health issues I experienced prior to my lifestyle change have disappeared or are healing up. For the first time in my life, weight loss is not a lifetime journey, nor is it something I am held prisoner too.

Love, jennifer